There are 2 programs available to choose from, the feed and seed program or the organic
program. Both follow the same formula the only difference is the products used on the lawn.
The feed and seed program is by far our most popular giving the best results at the lowest
price. The organic program is a little more expensive and takes longer to show results but is still
effective. The programs are comprehensive programs providing you with everything you will
need to get a healthier greener lawn.

Rolling & aerating can be added on for an additional fee based on the size of your lawn. Our
roller and aerator is one machine towed behind a lawn tractor, the aeration takes place ahead of
the roller using spikes to cut a clean hole in the ground without leaving a mess behind. We use
top quality grass seed which is applied on turf in front of our aeration system which establishes
seed below the soil, then our roller sets the seed for faster germination.

Estimates are free! We offer our free estimates throughout the whole year however, it is recommended to call early in the year for best results.  Our programs are based on a yearly contract only, this provides the best results and highest satisfaction.

Our programs are all inclusive.  There are no hidden fees.  We offer 5 visits a year for one reasonable price.

•    Early Spring:   Fertilizer and over seeding.
•    Spring:   Weed control
•    Early Summer:  Fertilizer, placement of pheromone trap, and weed control
•    Summer:  Fertilizer, nematodes as needed, trap removal, weed control
•    Fall:  Fertilizer and over seeding.

•    Early Spring:   Corn Gluten Meal
•    Spring:   Corn Gluten Meal
•    Early Summer:   Organic fertilizer, & placement of Pheromone Traps
•    Summer:   Corn Gluten Meal & spot treat for bugs with Nematodes as needed based on the bug count in traps, and removal of traps.
•    Fall: Organic fertilizer and over seeding.

 Prices are based on a 3000 sq ft min.